About Me


Hi friends, Greetings from western Pennsylvania (USA). I am new to blogging and writing.The reason I’m writing to you Friends in Faith, followers of Christ & everyone. Is because lately I’ve been feeling kind of like a deep gravitational pull. I felt like God was calling me for something, at the time I didn’t know what. I know I continue to need more of Him and less of me. I had been thinking of writing  for several months now. ” But I’m not a writer, I said”.


I guess God had other plans for me because, here I am writing. Well, the pull and feeling of being called kept growing. And I knew ” God, this is you”, to share with my Friends in Faith, and hear from you as well. I think we can gain insight form each other from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


I feel a conviction of love for the Lord, and sharing THE GOOD NEWS! This site is my little corner of sharing and Chasing Jesus.. You will find some of my pages have clips (images) that speak volumes, videos  and music of my favorite Christian music artists, Inspirational videos, Bible/faith and bullet journaling, Bible verses /Quotes, and even a page on the lighter side with clean- christian  humor. Just as I am a work in progress drawing closer to God every day, my blog and site are a work in progress as I learn and grow in my writing, the Lord will guide me along my journey. (please check back for added content).


Blessings Friends ~~Paula~

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