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In the May 11 newsletter: We look at what it means to hunger for the righteousness of God, seek satisfaction in Christ, and keep our desires from controlling us.BLESSED TO BE HUNGRYThere are people in this world who know what it’s like to go without, and what it feels like to finally have their needs met. Jesus wants us to actively pursue His will with the same sense of urgency that a hungry person pursues nourishment.This month, consider what it means for you to be hungry for the things of God with your Blessed to Be guide. This FREE, 48-page quarterly guide features special readings, memory verses, monthly prayers, and opportunities for reflection on the topic of the Beatitudes.Follow along and discuss what you’re learning with others by joining the Blessed to Be Facebook group, where you’ll have access to exclusive content and videos.SEEKING SATISFACTIONGoing withoutThe purpose of fasting is not to demonstrate strength of will, improve our health, or change our physique. It’s meant to remind us of our utter dependence on God. It can help us embrace our weakness so that we boast only in the strength of the One who loves us the most.Understand the “why” behind fasting
 We need HimOur bodies remind us each day that we are not self-sufficient. We need to eat and drink to satisfy our hunger and thirst—to maintain our lives. And just like all that we eat and drink, Jesus sustains us from one day to the next, whether we acknowledge it or not.Jesus satisfies our souls
 Our spiritual appetiteJesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matt. 5:6 ESV). Has your understanding of “hunger and thirst for righteousness” changed over time? How so?Read four different perspectives on this biblical principleTHIS WEEK FROM DR. STANLEYA mother who walks with GodDo you know a godly mother? Watch as Dr. Stanley details the many facets of her character and describes the lasting impact she can have on her family. And learn how you can live the kind of life you’d want for your children.How to become the best mother your children could have
 The source of our anxietiesThe things we want in life, no matter how great they may seem, can control us if we’re not careful. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains that anxiety can enter our lives in the form of fear, worry, or other paralyzing emotions. A steadfast focus on God is the only answer.Learn how to find the relief you need
 A root of bitternessUnforgiveness is the source of much that can go sour in personal relationships. It can sink into your heart and hide from you. Then it can hurt relationships without you ever being aware of it. After you read today’s devotion, take a moment to let God examine your heart. Will He find any unforgiveness there?Holding onto past offenses affects our relationship with God

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