Stop, Regroup, Reset. Personal Realignment, My Story.

That’s exactly what I had to do over the weekend. And, I’ll tell you why.

I got anxious about blogging and sharing jesus correctly. It all came about when I started to read tips and the how to’s of Christian blogging from different sites.I virtually became consumed.

The anxiety set in from reading about SEO’s, Yost, sitemaps, have this social media page or that social media page. And here’s HOW to do it, here’s HOW to increase your traffic. PAY to take our courses., buy this package of templates or that.

Okay, yes I absolutely know a lot of people have a business blog or website. Some of them sell educational blogging materials, or paid and free trainings. That’s awesome, and I truly mean it.

Many tips and how to’s seemed to be leaning towards those with business plans, blogs or sites. So increase anxiety here. I’m thinking how am I supposed to buy all this stuff? Wait. I’m a personal blogger with a premium plan. I don’t need a business plan, blog or site because I don’t want to sell anything.

Okay Paula, get to your point.

Last week I found my prayers including such talk of, Lord please help me share you correctly, Please help me write the way Tips and how to’s tell me, Lord I’m anxious, I just want to do you right.

That’s when it hit me, during one my anxious prayers the phrase STOP< REGROUP<REALIGN and RESET loud and clear. ” I hear you Lord, I understand what your telling me”.

You see, anxiety had been consuming me the last several weeks, that my Jesus time was off, my quiet time with God was off, my singing and praising was off, my daily You Version Bible App studies were off, and most importantly my daily Bible reading was off. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m very routine and committed to my daily learning etc. I talk to Jesus all day long and there’s always a song in my head.

So, I realized relatively early on that the evil one was distracting me with anxiety, and you can’t do this without spending a lot of money. How dare he, try to take away my JOY! Back off satan, back off!

So then, I stopped, regrouped my thoughts, realigned with God and now I’m reset.

In doing so, I learned that it allowed me to step away from my blog, step away from social media, and not read social media. I found quiet peace. I will be with God daily, and write my blog, and share on social media, every couple of days. In order to keep drawing nearer to Christ and grow my Faith.

I see how each and every Christian blogger, and bloggers of a variety of topics, all have our own unique way of sharing Jesus and topics of interests. Well done fellow bloggers, well done.

Blessings Friends ~~Paula~~


  1. Paula, just follow the leading of the Lord and write what he gives you to write, as often as he gives it to you to write, and don’t worry about what others think of your writing or how you do it or don’t do it. If you are following the lead of the Holy Spirit, God will use you in the lives of others.

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  2. We do have to stop, regroup, and reset! Many distractions exist so taking time to remember who Jesus is and that He is in control brings peace and God’s perspective.

    Well done to you also Paula! I enjoy your blog. We all do have different styles of blogging and God uses us according to His purposes.

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