Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter; I see you walking in the desert, trying to find a shadow to hide in. I hear you thinking of day’s gone by. I hear your regrets, I see your tears. I heard you say ” I’m not good enough”. I saw you struggling to walk alone, without me. You failed. I saw you looking for something, but you didn’t find it. You were looking in all the wrong places. I saw your fear, I saw your sadness. I saw your broken soul.

Dear Daughter; I was there with you. I never left your side. You are loved. I have my hand over you, like a shield. The incoming attacks began to bounce off my hand held over you.

Dear Daughter; I saw you begin to look up. I heard you say “Lord please rescue me”. I rescued your soul, I rescued your Heart. I shook the shackles off your life.

Dear Daughter; I saw you step out of your fears and sorrows, I saw you begin to step out in faith. I saw you seeking me, I encouraged you. You began to walk with me, and talk with me, you began to learn the WAY to walk with me. I heard you say “Lord please stay with me for I am a work in progress”. Child, I will always stay with you.

Dear Daughter; I have your story written, believe me when I say, your not done yet. Child I fight your battles in your weakness. I placed peace in your heart. I opened the clouds and set you free.

Dear Daughter; I heard you say ” Take my life in your hands, let it be all for you. I lift my heart to you”. “Lord, I’m ready, Holy Spirit, I will go wherever you call me to go, near or far”. “Lord, HERE I AM”.

Blessings Friends… ~~Paula~~


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