Mindful Reminiscing

Mindful reminiscing? I’m not talking about the kind of reminiscing that we do when we get together with family or friends.

I’m talking about reminiscing about the times throughout life when you noticed God working in your life. Sure we can remember things about our life’s.

Think back, maybe you haven’t thought about times when God was with you, or changed your life in some way. Think about the happy times as well as the sad times, the good times and the bad times.

Some examples may include but are not limited to: Maybe one is in a job that they despise. Maybe there was anxiety, the boss is rudely critical, you wanted out. So you maybe just started browsing other jobs out there, Hey, you found one, Great. BUT, it may have been a different job where you thought you couldn’t shine. Turns out that you realized at some point, Hey, I like this job, i’m good at it. At the time you may or may not have realized God moved you to something better, HE was with you.; one more scenario: Say when you were growing up and had been bullied throughout your school years, maybe you experienced anxiety, depression, hopelessness. (1) you wanted out, you couldn’t wait to graduate. Then you realized that you wanted to get into a career where you could work with troubled youth. At the time you may or may not have realized God called you to work with kids. (2) Or, maybe you thought about suicide, that the world would be better off without you. Say your best friend or an adult you looked up to noticed your distress. They may or may not have had God in their lives, but they were kind,, compassionate, and helped you realize your worth, tried to boost your self esteem, helped you see the other side or the flip side of who you can become. Then you may have realized that you have 2 compassionate people who cared about you, then you got to thinking there are a few other people in your life that you hadn’t realized cared about you. You decided not to commit suicide. God used those two people to give you hope wich gave you your future and saved your life, because He Loves you. HE was with you.

Think back, or even presently. You may or may not have realized God moved you, HE was with you, in whatever good times or bad times you experienced.God Loves you unconditionally.

Thank you friends. ~~~Paula~~~


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