If Jesus came in person to talk.

If you had 1 hour to talk to Jesus in person what would you talk about?

I have pondered this question on several occasions since I’ve been a teenager. When I was younger, I would have asked about my future or about passed on loved ones.

Where would be your dream place to talk to Jesus?… Mine would be at a beach, while sitting at his feet.

What would you talk about?… Today as a middle age adult, I would want to hear the word from him. Sitting like a teacher and learner. If I didn’t understand something, I could tell him I don’t understand, and he would tell me his word in a way I could understand. I may ask permission if I could touch his robe.

How would you feel?… I would feel awe, excitement and peaceful all at once.

What would your senses feel, see, touch, hear, or taste?… I would see Jesus in all his awe and glory. I would hear the waves as a background to his voice, oh and his beautiful voice, can you just imagine? I would feel the sand I’m sitting on, and feel the warmth of the sunshine and the warmth coming from jesus. If he gave me permission to touch his robe, it feels like soft cotton to me.

Friends please image with me. Please tell me how you would spend your 1 hour with Jesus???




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