Coffee with Jesus

simple moments

It’s easy to get caught up with negativity in our lives. We’re running on a full tank with business and/or caos in our lives that it makes it hard to slow down, stop, catch our breath.

Often times we have to check our calendars to make time to spend time with family and friends.

Simple moments grow into big moments, small things grow bigger. Sometimes it’s those simple moments that end up mattering most in the the long run. Below are some examples of simple moments.

~~ when God has you cross paths with the person he choose for you to be with ~when you have a heart to heart with someone ~ making someone else’s day ~ wh you suddenly remember something that makes you smile ~ baking cookies or doing a craft with your child or grandchildren ~ sending or receiving a card via postal mail ~ laughing. ~ falling in love ~ quite time with Jesus ~ alone time ~ ladies night out ~ holding your baby for the first time ~ fishing with your grand son~ counting your blessings.

what are your simple moments? How did they turn out?

Helpful verses: Ecclesiastes 3:12-13; 5:18-19; 6:9; 11: 9

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