The A-HA Moment!

So, it took me totally surrendering to God (finally) my entire life to Him, letting go of the”ya buts”, & ” let me help you with that”. The times I felt like throwing in the towel, He threw it back at me. With All the tug of war with God, I said ” ok, you win”. God you have me covered. The A-HA came in during prayer one night, when I realized He knew us when there was still nothingness and darkness before creation. I thought to myself, God knew us by name, who we were going to be, who he chose our family to be etc… He also knew our up’s and downs, happy times and roller coaster times. HE had the solutions before we had the problems. He knew the storm’s we would go through to get to the better result. I even thought, Not only did Jesus die to save me from my sin’s , HE was saving me from things I didn’t even know I needed saving from. For example: say the route we drive for work every day, has been re-routed and forces us to use a different route than we normally would, one may say “God, I’m going to be late for work”, but in reality, HE purposely re-routed us, because we could have been involved in the accident that was on our original route. So, to sum up, HE had me covered since before time was created and HE has me covered now, and forever.

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