Coffee with Jesus

There’s something about the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Coffee drinkers you know what I mean, your senses can probably recall the smell even if you’re not drinking coffee as you’re joining me. The most peaceful time of day for me to have quite time with Jesus is early morning. There’s something about the quiet before the neighborhood and creatures wake up. It’s my time to do my “Jesus time “. My morning Jesus time is drinking coffee while listening to klove on my ear buds and sing and praise away,then I do a few Bible studies on the you version Bible app. Then around noon, I read my NIV Life Application Study Bible, and write in my Bible bullet journal.

As I’m sitting here having my umpteenth cup of coffee zoning out the window on this cold Thanksgiving day in Pennsylvania. I’m thinking about all of the thanks I have to give and credit Jesus with over my years. Through my storms and happy times, he has brought me through all of them. At my younger ages in life, I didn’t recognize it was him. But now I’m almost a mid aged woman of Christ, and I know it was God carrying me through. Wishing everyone a good and blessed Thanksgiving.

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